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Dana White Clowns Affliction's Plans to Counter-Program

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Dana White speaking to Sam Caplan's voicemail:

“How do I feel about them trying to counter-program UFC 100? I love it. I fucking love it. I love it. I don’t like these guys and I want to see them spend more of their t-shirt money. What they should be worrying about is — they’ve already seen first hand that nobody gives a shit about Affliction MMA — what they need to starting worrying about is nobody wants to wear their goofy fucking clothes anymore either. The fad is over and they better start saving as much of that t-shirt money as they can.”


I mean Affliction has given us a couple of fights that have been interesting, but for the most part haven't brought anything to the table worth noting.  That is, unless you want to talk about what NOT to do in running a MMA promotion.  I've never been a fan of their t-shirts either, frankly because they are pretty hideous and cost WAY too much.  I wonder how their sales have done in the past year or so?