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UPDATE: Affliction Is That Stupid, With Go Head Up With UFC 100?

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"Dave Carmichael Show" on CBS Radio via Sherdog via Bloodyelbow:

I will be reporting on my nightly show tonight and the national show tomorrow evening on CBS that I have spoken with a highly placed source with Affliction who has confirmed the following:

- Affliction is going ahead with plans to have their next show go against UFC 100 in July

- Fedor and Barnett WILL both be on the card, but WILL NOT be fighting each other

- The card will be shown for free in its entirety, network TBA

- No confirmation on whether or not this is the final show for Affliction, but the quote given to me was:

" We arent stupid. We arent bringing a knife to a gun fight. This card will be STACKED from top to bottom."

Earlier in the week Affliction COO Michael Cohen denied reports that Affliction would go head up with UFC 100.  Now according to the report above, they are going to go forth with the kamikaze mission.  However, the show will be on a network station and not PPV?  The only network that I can think of that would touch this is HDNet, and that would be retarded for Affliction to do.  Any perspective on what network it could be if it isn't HDNet?

Also, how in the hell can they do this show without giving us Barnett/Fedor?  I understand that this is going to be on TV, so ratings are a must.  I understand that neither would be huge for ratings.  However, who could they possibly have Fedor fight that would boost the ratings?  Barnett is a consensus top 5 HW, and MMA4Real's #2 HW.  This is the matchup that the fans want, so why not give it to them?

This card may be stacked from top to bottom by Afflictions standards, but the casual fans don't know their fighters.  It'll be interesting to see how Affliction plays this hand.  Give me your thoughts on this.