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Dana White: Carlos Condit Could Get UFC Title Shot

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Dana White speaking to MMAWeekly:

"Definitely," the UFC president responded when asked if Condit could get a title shot in his next few fights. "I think him coming over as the champ, we'll see how he looks in this fight here, and I'm excited about him. Excited to see how he does. He's a good kid and always exciting to watch, too."

I'm a fan of Carlos Condit, and I suppose a title unification match between either Georges St. Pierre or Thiago Alves would be cool.  However, unless he just steamrolls Kampmann and his next opponent, the odds of him winning either fight are slim to none in my opinion.  Condit is a TOUGH dude for sure and I'm happy he's transitioning over to the UFC.  It'll be interesting to see how he fairs against the top welterweights in the world.  What say you?