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Quoteworthy: Anderson Silva May Not Retire At Age 35

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FightersOnly spoke with Silva's manager Ed Soares:

“As his manager… whether he retires at 35 or not is going to be up to him, but to be able to have the option to retire, myself as a manager that is my goal now, to be able to… take the right steps in his career for him at 35 years old to have the option to retire if he would like to. “

“Is he going to retire? Its hard to say right now. I personally don’t think so, but I would like for him to be in a position, when he is 35, to have the option. “

I don't think he'll retire, especially if the UFC lines him up for a couple of big fights.  I suppose there's always the possiblity of him losing that could either motivate or unmotivate him to keep fighting.  I predicted that he'll lose this year, and I'm sticking with it by the way :).  I think he has 3 fights remaining on his contract, if I'm wrong please correct me.  Do you think he'll retire at 35, and who would you like to see him fight to finish out his contract?  Demian Maia is a given so who else?