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You Thought "Greasegate" Was Done?

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Just when we thought we were getting a confirmation from BJ Penn that he was about done with Greasegate, we now have this nugget from his attorney:

“As an attorney, it’s about fact-finding,” he said. “As a commission member, as an executive director, you would think that his purpose is a fact-finding mission to obtain all the facts, all the evidence and to make an educated legal judgment upon the commission as to your determination. Do I feel he did that? Not at all.” 

“We’re, by no means, done. We have the ability to exhaust administrative remedies and then take the matter into civil remedies as well,” he said. “This is something that B.J. believes in. This is something the Penns believe in. I think it’s something every fan of MMA and every fighter of MMA should take very seriously because it could happen to them.”

Like what facts are there to find?  This whole thing is entirely subjective in that either you believe GSP and camp were intentionally or unintenionally using the vaseline.  It's as simple as that.  What are they going to do strap Greg Jackson and Phil Nurse down on a table and tap into their brain waves to see what they were really thinking at UFC 94?  The fact that they are willing to take this into civil court just further legitimizes this as a full all out vendetta against GSP in my opinion.