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Wanderlei Silva Wants To Fight In A New Weight Division

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No, I'm not talking about a new weight division like moving down to 185.  He's talking about a NEW weight division entirely:

“I spoke to Dana (to) open a new division for 195. I think it’s great, because it’s good for guys like me. I’m going to push for the idea. (A) new champ every time is good.”

I'm a Wandy fan to the death, but I can't agree with him on this one.  I like the weight divisions just the way they are, and I don't want to have 18 different champions within a promotion.  I'm being sarcastic with that number, but you know what I mean.  MMA definitely doesn't need to go the boxing route in that regard.  The more weight divisions you have, the more fighters will manipulate their weight to take advantage of it.  Thus, creating fighters moving between multiple weight divisions which creates a terrible headache for me when I try to rank fighters.

Wandy speaks on Rich Franklin:

“I think it’s a very, very good match, because he likes the stand-up, he likes the action, and he’s an exciting fighter,” said Silva. “He’s my friend, he’s a nice guy. I respect him a lot. It’s a different situation because it’s better that you fight with the guys you don’t like. But it’s a job, and it’s a great idea for the UFC, and I know me and him are going to give a great show.”

See, another reason why I'm a diehard Wandy fan.  He understands that it's just business, and the show must go on regardless of if you like a guy or not.  **Cues up "Sandstorm" and dances with glow sticks in hand!

HT: MMAWeekly