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Quoteworthy: Gilbert Melendez Doesn't Need Friends

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Melendez speaks on fighting Josh Thomson:

I want to make things really clear – I’ve only got one friend in the 155-pound weight division, and that’s Nathan Diaz. Josh is a training partner. Yeah, if I win this fight, and he never wants to fight me again, we can (train together). If I lose this fight, I’m not going to be very happy and I’m going to want to fight him again. It’s just awkward, because he’s a good guy and I respect him, but at the end of the day, I can’t be making friends with 155-pounders.

This is what I'm talking about right here.  Here you have a guy that gets 'it' in terms of being a fighter.  You have a lot of guys out there nowadays that don't want to fight someone because they train with them or used to train with them.  Those guys should have Gilbert Melendez's attitude.  Whatever weight you are fighting at, you can't be making friends with potential opponents.  All that's doing is taking money out of your pocket.  Melendez will be fighting Thomson on Strikeforce's April 11th event.

HT: MMAWeekly