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Sengoku Seventh Battle Weigh-In Results

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World Victory Road will feature the Grand Prix in the featherweight division.  The main event will feature rising star Muhammed Lawal vs. Ryo Kawamura.  The event will air on HDNet at 3am, with an encore at 10PM Saturday night.  We'll be here at MMA4Real with the open thread and discussion for those that are interested in the event.  So please no spoilers if you are a night owl and plan on watching this event in the early morning!  Also, we will not be doing the fantasy league for this event for those that have participated in the past.  The next fantasy event will be Ultimate Fight Night 18: Condit vs Kampmann.  The weigh-in results are as follows:

Muhammed Lawal (204.6 lbs) vs. Ryo Kawamura (205 lbs)
Hatsu Hioki (143.3 lbs) vs. Chris Manuel (141.5 lbs)
Nam Phan (142.9 lbs) vs. Hideki Kadowaki (143.1 lbs)
James Thompson (271.8 lbs) vs. Jim York (264.6 lbs)
Michihiro Omigawa (142.9 lbs) vs. L.C. Davis (142.6 lbs)
Marlon Sandro (143.3 lbs) vs. Matt Jaggers (143.3 lbs)
Kim Jong Man (142.9 lbs) vs. Masanori Kanehara (143.1 lbs)
Chan Sung Jung (143.1 lbs) vs. Shintaro Ishiwatari (143.3 lbs)
Ronnie Ushiwaka (142.6 lbs) vs. Tetsuya Yamada (143.3 lbs)
Seiya Kawahara (143.3 lbs) vs. Nick Denis (142.9 lbs) 

Anyone planning on watching this event either in the early morning or the encore?