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Nevada Athletic Commission Implement No Penalties On 'Greasegate'

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The Nevada Athletic Commission will implement no penalties against Georges St. Pierre and camp.  Georges. St. Pierre didn't attend the hearing, but Phil Nurse and Greg Jackson did as well as BJ Penn and his mother.  MMAWeekly with the story:

After lengthy testimony from both camps, including Penn and his mother, NSAC Commissioner Bill Brady promised to take under advisement several of the issues brought forth by the controversial fight.

Before the proceedings began, NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer clarified that no disciplinary measures would be taken during the meeting, and the review’s role was to present findings given to him by both parties. The Commission would decide any further action

“It’s up to the commission to decide how much further they want to formally go on this,” Kizer said afterwards. “They could make regulatory changes, they could issue some sort of directive to me or the inspectors or referees to handle situations differently,” he said.

However, Kizer maintained he would not issue a complaint against St. Pierre or his camp.

“I have no plans to bring anything against anybody in this case,” he continued.

At the meeting's end, Penn and his representatives said they were unsure of their next move.

Penn and representatives are unsure of their next move?  What?  What could their next move be besides BJ Penn swallowing his pride and going to defend that UFC lightweight belt like he's supposed to do?  Why was BJ Penn's mother testifying at this hearing, was she even at UFC 94?  

It is kind of surprising that Phil Nurse wasn't penalized in some fashion though.  I wonder what's up with that?  Whether he intended to or not, he did apply vaseline all over the place.  He didn't even get his wrist slapped, much less suspended.  I've said all along that BJ Penn got his ass whipped, vaseline or not.  However, I do think what Nurse did was wrong, whether they wiped it off or not.  The NSAC will probably make some adjustments to the rules to specifically state what the penalty will be if this happens again.

Regardless, right now BJ Penn needs to drop this thing and get his mind back on fighting.  He has a very worthy challenger in Kenny Florian who will kick his ass if he's not 100% mentally.  I've been saying this since Florian steamrolled Joe Stevenson, ask about me!  Anyways, anyone have any thoughts on this or anything I missed?