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Kimbo Slice Wants To Be A Boxer Now

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Kimbo speaks to the Nassau Guardian:

"Not taking anything away from boxing preparation, MMA training is extremely hard," said Ferguson. "When you consider martial arts training, you have to prepare for kicks to the head and legs, and opponents wanting to grapple and throwing you to the ground, pounding you with their knees and hands, whereas in boxing you just have to be prepared to weave and bob although the training can be just as intense. At this point in my career, I want to take that same drive and focus that I invested in MMA and put that into training for pro-boxing cards."

"The last two fights that I have left in MMA don't have set dates," he said. "Everything normally gets set up six to eight weeks prior to the fight. Nearer to that point I would be told the particulars like who my opponent is and where the fight would be. With boxing, you can have a fight on Monday and if you are well you can have another fight the following week. Before the month is out, you would have already fought on several cards. In MMA, whether you are well or not, there is a six-week waiting period before you can engage in any other battle.

So apparently Kimbo has two fights remaining on his EliteXC contract that was purchased by Strikeforce.  Those two fights don't have dates set for them as noted in the piece.  So now that Scott Coker and company see that Slice no longer wants to do MMA, will they feed him cans or use his name to build up other fighters?  Also, Slice is coming up on 36 years of age, and I don't really see any big paydays out there for him in terms of boxing.  If Coker and company decide to use his name to build up some fighters, how would that affect his boxing career afterwards?  Hmm..

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