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Quoteworthy: Bas Rutten On WAMMA

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Bas Rutten speaks on WAMMA and more: Who do you think should be next to take on Fedor for the WAMMA title?

Bas Rutten: Josh Barnett or Cheik Kongo What are your thoughts of the WAMMA belt and WAMMA system? We are good friends with WAMMA. Pat Miletich and Mike say Hi.

Bas Rutten: I think it’s a great system, its only going to be difficult when the biggest organization in the world, the UFC, doesn’t work with them. Because then you STILL don’t have a unified world champion. Now, if they keep on going and the rest of the world also gets bigger in MMA, then of course the UFC will have to challenge the WAMMA belt holders because the people want to know, and when the people want to know, Dana White knows that there is money to be made and he’s a good business man. But that’s still going to take while.

I'm confused.  Bas Rutten thinks Cheick Kongo should fight Fedor for the WAMMA title?  I don't know who brainwashed Bas, but WAMMA is of the suck.  The UFC will not have to do anything as long as they have the recognized best fighters in the world as their champions.  So actually, it's vice versa and WAMMA should recognize the UFC champions as WAMMA champions if they want to be considered legitimate in my opinion.  I mean, how can they not recognize Rashad Evans, Anderson Silva, and GSP as WAMMA champions?  Hell, even BJ Penn as the LW champ since he's pretty much the consensus #1 lightweight in the world?  They have Fedor who is legitimate, but after that their rankings are about as good as those women's MMA rankings they released last week.