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Alistair Overeem On Remy Bonjasky, DREAM, And The UFC

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Alistair Overeem recently gave his thoughts on a variety of things from his upcoming fight against K-1 star Remy Bonjasky, to fighting in DREAM and the UFC.  Check it: After Remy, who is next on Alistair’s list?

Alistair Overeem: I wanted to fight Remy at this years Dynamite show (I chellenged him after the badr victory), but k-1 wants the fight now. We excepted the fight under certain conditions. I am an MMA fighter and will stay focussed on this. I want the heavyweight title of Dream and I think there will be a title match this year or a heavyweight Gp next year. Any more idea where you will be fighting next? UFC or Affliction or Strikeforce?

Alistair Overeem: It is possible my contract with Dream allows me to fight in America, if the offer and oponent is right, I will be there. Bas Boon is working on some of those deals and I am happy the ways are going for me in the last years. I have improved a lot of my skills and fought regulary! It was a good decision to stay in the heavyweight devision and not cut 10 or 12kg of weight before each fight. Any more talks, or planned meetings with Dana White or the UFC?

Alistair Overeem: My management is working on those things.


So I guess my prediction of Overeem in the UFC will have to wait to come to fruition :(.  Why in the world would he want the DREAM HW title?  Also, I'm wondering how Scott Coker is going to handle him.  Overeem is in fact the Strikeforce heavyweight champion, so it's crazy that he can't get his own champion to fight for his promotion when he wants.  That's what non-exclusive contracts will get you ;).  Although I'm well aware that this deal was completed while Strikeforce was still a regional promotion.  I'm a big fan of both Overeem and Bonjasky.  How do you see this fight shaking out, as it is under K-1 rules?