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Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker Isn't Phased By Counter-Programming

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Of course by now everyone knows that Zuffa plans to 'counter-program' Strikeforce's Showtime debut on April 11th with airing UFC 94 on Spike TV.  Recently, Strikeforce CEO and founder Scott Coker gave his thoughts on the UFC counter-programming and why it's not a big deal to him:

"I look at it like this: That's been [the UFC's] business model," Coker said. "They're consistent with that counter-programming for their business model. To me, that's a business decision they had to make.

"I don't take it personally at all. Those guys were the industry leaders that led the way. They should have that respect. We're going to go do our thing, and I think we'll do it well."

This is the best response that Coker could have given in regards to the UFC's actions.  This is just another clear indication that Coker understands business 101 as well.  Unlike many others before him that would have used this instance to speak negatively about or even worse, openly challenge Dana White and the UFC.  I think it should also be noted that Bellator FC will be airing their second show on ESPN Deportes on April 11th as well.  So in a sense, the UFC is killing two birds with one stone so to speak. 

How do you feel about Zuffa's counter-programming actions?