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Quoteworthy: Mark Munoz "I Just Lost My Composure"

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Mark Munoz speaks on UFC 96 loss:

Well the big show did not go quite as I had planned. I trained very hard for this fight. I was doing the right things, so I thought, and in the gym I was able to box a heck of a lot better than I showed in the octagon. I was nervous going in, but I felt fine. I think when it came down to it I just lost my composure, which defeated all of my training efforts. That is what hurts the most. I never let my hands down in training. As far as being in shape, I go five 5 minute rounds all the time no problem with a new fighter each round so that they are fresh. When I was in the octagon, I looked tired, my hands were extremely low, and because I did not feel comfortable on my feet, I was unable to set up my shots to take him to the ground. This is where I feel extremely comfortable and believe where I inflict the most punishment. However, I may be a beast on the ground, but if I can’t get him there then it really does me no good. I have now been training full-time for eleven months and have covered a vast amount of ground. After every fight I have developed extremely well and this will be no different. I believe that this loss will create a sense of urgency to improve rapidly on my all-around game. Obviously I have a lot to work on with my standup. That is no secret. Those of you who know me know that I will will not rest comfortably until I avenge this loss. In order to do that, I will be focusing 90% of my time on my standup. You will see a much different fighter the next time I step in the octagon. That I can guarantee!

Well, I guess there are some truths to the "UFC Jitters" that you hear some many fighters talk about.  Obviously, there's a big difference between what you do in practice and what you do come fight time.  It's good to know that he's doing well physically after suffering such a vicious KO.  Munoz also states that he will be moving down to middleweight division.  A division where he should have been all along, and even he admits that.  It'll be interesting to see how he bounces back from the first loss of his career.  Also, I'm wondering how he stacks up to guys in the middleweight division.  Honestly speaking, I don't see him doing too well there either.  Maybe he can prove me wrong?