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Report: Jon Jones vs. Jake O'Brien Possible At UFC 100

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According to

Jon Jones, the rising phenom ,is taking on Jake O’Brien at UFC 100. Jake has fought as a heavyweight in the UFC, and a big one at that, so it will be interesting to see how he does at 205. Jones is coming off a big win over Stephan Bonnar at UFC 94, and his exciting style has garnered him a lot of attention in the world of MMA.

I have spoken to sources close to the fight and they’ve confirmed that it’s on for UFC 100.

Anytime Jon Jones is fighting I'm interested.  O'Brien is primarily a wrestler, which just happens to be the bread and butter of Jon Jones.  Jones will also enjoy a striking advantage in this fight.  I think it's great move in putting Jones on the UFC 100 card.  This will be the second time that Jones has been in the midst of a huge UFC card, offering tons of exposure for the young up and comer. Give me your thoughts on this one..