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Shane Carwin Blogs About UFC 96 Experience

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Via MMAWeekly:

I read a lot of the press about me and the consensus seemed to be, "Do I have what it takes to go three rounds, am I being pushed to far to fast, and what will happen if Gabe gets me down?" We answered two out of three, and honestly, I have no control over how long my fights last. As for the other two, I think for sure I leap-frogged ahead of a lot of talented fighters by defeating Gabe, and when he took me down, I kept him in guard and got up. I can assure you, if I have to go three rounds, I will be able to go three rounds. I won’t lie and say I wish my fights lasted longer. In 11 fights I have spent less then 15 minutes in the cage, that is just allowing me more longevity for my career.

Oh snap, did Carwin read what I wrote here?  Haha, he also said that he plans to have surgery on his nose and that Gonzaga basically crushed it.  He'll probably be out 6-8 weeks, and in that time span the UFC heavyweight picture should be a little clearer in terms of who he could face next.  While we're talking about it, who would you like to see Carwin face next?