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Is Chuck Liddell In A Must Win Fight At UFC 97?

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In just over a month Chuck Liddell will take part in arguably the biggest fight of his legendary career.  A fight that just a couple of years ago would have been the #1 and #2 light heavyweights in the world facing one another.  The fight has lost some of it's luster, but it's still as important as ever to both fighters.  However, Chuck Liddell may have more on the line in this fight than Shogun.

Shogun is the underdog coming into this fight, and judging from his last performance he should be.  It took him three rounds to put away a visibly gassed Mark Coleman.  Liddell is 1-3 in his last four fights, and hasn't finished anyone since Tito Ortiz at UFC 66.  Granted all of his losses have come against top competition, a loss to Shogun would be crucial.  I called for Liddell to move up to heavyweight last year, and a loss at UFC 97 could very influence him to do so.  Do you think Liddell is in a must win fight against Shogun Rua at UFC 97?  What do you think is next for him if he manages to lose this fight, or who else could he fight at light heavyweight?