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Quoteworthy: Paulo Filho's Manager Says "Bellator's Contract Is Cruel"

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Jorge Guimarães speaks to Tatame:

"Bellator’s contract is cruel. It’s a new event and we opted not to put Paulão there, because they didn’t want to put a clause in the contract that, if the guy stays without fighting for four months, the contract loses its validity. We were victims of this in EliteXC, which was consolidated and left the athletes behind, without fighting for a long time", said Joinha, who hopes to put the fighter in Strikeforce. "We already have offered to Sengoku and Strikeforce, that is where we want, if possible already fighting with Robbie Lawler”,

I think that's a pretty fair clause that favors the fighters.  Of course there could be more to the whole situation.  It's good that Filho is talking about fighting again.  However, I wonder if he truely has conquered the demons that haunt him this quickly.  I also recall he and his camp saying that he wanted to fight at LHW because the cut to MW was too much.  However, I see they have their eyes set on Robbie Lawler who is the EliteXC middleweight champ.  It'll be interesting to see where he ends up.  Do you think it's possible for Filho to regain the form that made him a consensus top 5 MW at one point in time?