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North Carolina MMA Fighter-Brad "The Barbarian" Cook Interview

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In MMA4Real's effort to cover the MMA scene here in North Carolina, we had the chance to catch up with lightweight fighter Brad "The Barbarian" Cook.  Brad gives us his thoughts on how he got into MMA, his next opponent, and who we should keep an eye out for on the North Carolina scene.  Let's get it:

Kelvin Hunt-Brad, thanks for joining us here at MMA4Real. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into MMA.

Brad Cook-Well I was in the Army for 4 years I was in the 82nd Airborne here in NC.. I started my Jui Jitsu training there just the basics.  I've always been strong with heavy hands and I have great control.  So when I got out of the Army I got divorced and that put me in a bad spot.  I got bored and said why not get into MMA, I love MMA in general..

Kelvin Hunt-Brad, thanks for your service to our country.  In your opinion what's the best thing about the sport of MMA to you?

Brad Cook-I would have to say the training.  I love to train it's my life, my body is my life. The harder you train the less you bleed in battle.  I take good care of myself and have been lucky to not have been injured.

Kelvin Hunt-Describe your style of fighting and do you favor the ground or are you more of a standup guy?

Brad Cook-Both, it doesn't really matter where the fight goes.  I used to try and take you down and pound you out, but I can say my stand up is the best it's ever been..So I would look for some stand up 

Kelvin Hunt-You had amazing total of 6 fights last year. Is that something you want to duplicate this year and what did you learn from those 6 fights?

Brad Cook-Yeah I started fighting at 185. I was out of shape and going through a divorce. I lost a few but this is amateur it dont matter its all just for fun.. I cut down from 185 to 170 then cut to 155 then I'm fighting at 145... It just took me that long to be were I feel more comfortable..

Kelvin Hunt-That's a pretty good cut.  You are fighting Curtis Cloward at the next Elite Championship Cagefighting event on April 18th. What are some things he does well, and how do you see the fight going?

Brad Cook-To be honest I don't care what he does well.  I don't know the guy and haven't tried finding him.. I'm going to DO Me which is fight my fight and he's going to have to fight a beast I'm telling you.. I hear he's got some experience.  I like that, at least I'm hoping he brings it cause im coming hard losing is not a option..

Kelvin Hunt-I heard that man.  Tell us about Brad outside the cage. What are some things you enjoy doing besides MMA?

Brad Cook-Well usuallly after a fight I'll go out for a beer and hang out with some friends.. I play alot of basketball I work a full time job here on base.  I'm an electrician by trade.. I hang out with my son Brayden, chill by the pool, go to the beach..

Kelvin Hunt-Good stuff.  I grew up near the beach!  What are your thoughts on North Carolina MMA, and who are some fighters we should be on the lookout for?

Brad Cook-Jon Bryant is a great fighter, great training partner.  He is a great friend of mine we've been training together for about a year now.  Pete Martin is another great fighter. Matt Poland great guy and great fighter as well. I look for all these fighters to go to the top here in NC..

Kelvin Hunt-In closing is there anyone you would like to thank, or any words of wisdom you would like to share?

Brad Cook-Well I would like to think all my friends for support.  I want to thank my training partners. Everyone at Wrights Carolina, and my good friend Jon Bryant and all his hard work.  Thank you to my ex-wife for pissing me off and making me start fighting lol..

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Brad, and good luck in your upcoming fight with Elite Championship Cagefighting in Lenoir, NC.  We look forward to having you on again.