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Was Matt Hamill's UFC 96 Celebration Excessive?

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Kevin Iole thinks so:

Rarely has a fighter celebrated a victory as long and as exuberantly as Matt Hamill did after his victory Saturday over Mark Munoz in their light heavyweight fight at UFC 96 in Columbus, Ohio.

Hamill knocked Munoz out with one of the most devastating head kicks you’ll ever see. He was rightly pleased with the win, which came in front of an appreciative crowd from his home state.

But Hamill’s celebration needed to be tempered somewhat because of the seriousness of what was going on in the cage. Munoz appeared to be in serious trouble after the knockouts and doctors and paramedics were attending him.

He was given oxygen and nearly taken from the cage on a stretcher. All the while, Hamill was jumping around like he was on a pogo stick and celebrating like he’d just won the lottery.  He said at the post-fight news conference that he didn’t realize Munoz was seriously injured, though it’s hard to believe considering he was staring directly at Munoz crumpled in a heap with a large group of people working on him.

Personally, I thought Hamill's post fight interview was great.  Could he have tuned it down a bit?  Sure, but he had just won a fight via highlight reel KO in his hometown.  Also, the humbleness he continues to speak with is refreshing.  It's apparent that the guy really wants to get better as a fighter, and likes to perform for the fans.  Now, if Hamill had the reputation of being an A-hole then I probably wouldn't see it from this point of view.  However, he's one of the nicest guys ever and he did apologize to Munoz's camp in the locker room.  I give him a pass on this one.  What's your take on it?