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Quoteworthy: Rashad Thinks It'll Be Machida Not Rampage

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Via Sherdog

“It’ll probably be Lyoto Machida, but I haven’t gotten a confirmation on that.”

“I don’t know. I’ve just got that feeling,” said Evans. “Just listening to him when we were in the ring talking he was kind of like, ‘Yeah man you’re lucky I wasn’t 100 percent’ and he started making excuses and I was thinking like it sounds like an excuse-fest is about to happen, so I know he ain’t going to take no fight with me. He’s making excuses now.”

Hmmmm, now wasn't the main event for UFC 96 at first supposed to be Quinton Jackson versus Rashad Evans for the light heavyweight title but he wasn't ready?  The talk continues and the intrigue, I'm sure, will heighten for this possible match up.