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Wanderlei Silva Wants To Coach On The Ultimate Fighter

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Wanderlei Silva speaks to

“I’ve spoken to Dana and he’s spoken to me about future opportunities for working as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter,” Silva told

“But he needs to make sure the guys stick to the letter of the law!

“I saw the last series and man, I’ve got Brazilian blood...I’m so hot-headed...I would want to (gestures to clip them)

“It’s so interesting though, the reality show is incredible, I love it.

“You watch the guys training and fighting, it’s incredible.”

Wanderlei on TUF would be a very good move for the UFC in my opinion.  It would give him a much needed break, and keep him in the spotlight without having to fight.  Not only that, Wanderlei is one of the most likable fighters ever and I'd love to see how in interacts with up and coming fighters.  He always seems to be so humble in contrast to a lot of the fighters.  Would you be a fan of having Wanderlei on TUF?  Leave your thoughts.