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WEC 39: Garcia vs. Brown Open Thread And Discussion

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As with most major MMA shows, MMA4Real will be here to discuss the fights as they go down.  We'll be here slightly before the start of the WEC card on Versus which begins at 9pm EST.  So be sure to join us here as we talk about the fights, and whatever else comes up in the meantime.  Also, I'll be on time tonight as it's pouring rain outside and will be turning into snow later on tonight so I will not be cooking on the grill as usual :)

Also, as a reminder please refrain from posting ANY spoilers from the preliminary fights as it's possible that some of those fights may make the broadcast if we are lucky

So get your popcorn ready, alcoholic beverages, or whatever it is you like to do during the fights and join us here shortly for WEC 39.