UPDATE: Josh Koscheck vs. Chris Wilson @ UFC 98 Is Off

According to, just a week after his devastating TKO loss to Paulo Thiago, Koscheck already has another opponent and fight date scheduled.  May 23rd, UFC 98, which is slated to have the main event of Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir 2 for the undisputed heavyweight title now has another worthwhile bout scheduled. 

This should be a good match up for Kos, dangerous at the same time.  It'll be interesting to see if Kos comes out with the same intensity as he has been or plays it a little more cautious after his KO loss.


[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 04/03/09 1:09 PM EDT ]

According to The Wrestling Observer, Josh Koscheck had to pull out of this fight with a foot injury.

“Koscheck suffered a foot injury. They are looking for a replacement.”

This is probably a blessing in disguise for Koscheck.  Wilson was a dangerous opponent for a guy that just got KTFO by an absolute nobody.

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