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Ultimate Fight Night 17 Thoughts

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First of all, I have to apologize for getting started so late today.  I had a lot going on, but nevertheless I'm here! 

Last nights card was very entertaining as I thought it would be.  I went 8-2 on the predictions side of things, which was cool since that was the first time I've included the undercard.  The only gripe I have is all the commercials, although I understand they serve a purpose.  I must say I'm hyped to see the 'new' Friday The 13th movie though!  I grew up watch Voorhies destroy those little kids, so I'm curious how this new film will go.  Anyways, on to the fights:

Lauzon vs. Stephens-Good fight right here.  Stephens is a scrappy fighter, and I would not want him standing over me with top position.  That kid drops bombs for real.  I thought Lauzon looked decent, but he really needs to improve his striking game as he moves up the lightweight ladder.  However, the armbar was quick as hell.  Dope dope ending to the fight.  I'd like to see Lauzon face someone with good takedown defense, and good stand up in his next fight.

Neer vs. Danzig-I was really surprised by this fight, as I thought it would be more of a boring fight.  However, to both fighters credit they came out guns blazing.  Neer is a tough opponent for anyone as that guy has absolutely no quit in him.  I don't know where Danzig goes from here.  These two losses in a row make his stint on TUF almost a waste of a season being he had so much experience beforehand.  He may need to goto the WEC or something.

Velasquez vs. Stojnic-What a waste of a fight in my opinion.  The fight was one-sided and didn't end on a high note with the way the fight ended.  I must say I do agree with the stoppage though as Stojnic wasn't doing anything in return.  Velasquez must jump in with some of the big dogs now without question.  I think someone mentioned Heath Herring in the discussion thread last night.  I'd like to see him face either Herring or Kongo in his next matchup(I know Kongo has Hardonk next).

Johnson vs. Fiorvanti-This fight went how I predicted save the couple of takedown attempts I thought Johnson may have mixed in.  I knew Johnson was too big, too strong, and too quick for Fiorvanti.  After Johnson KO'ed Kevin Burns I was asking for him to take on Mike Swick, and that's a fight I still want to see.  He's ready to move up in competition.

Miller vs. Rosholt-I knew Miller was a beast on the ground, and pretty much called this fight to a tee.  I was glad it made the telecast as the Miller brothers deserve more exposure with the roll they both are on.

Grice vs. Veach-Good fight right here.  I love the fact that both guys showed mad heart, especially Veach.  He was almost finished at one point and came back to win the fight.  I was impressed with the Matt Hughes protege.

Overall, another great job by the UFC.  I really enjoy these FREE cards, as they prove to be very entertaining more times than not.  I guess this is the end of all of those weekends with MMA in a row.  However, it won't be long before we get to do it again with another FREE card in UFC 95.  I think that card has the potential to be very good.

Give me your thoughts on the fights, or even better make a fanpost about it.