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An Alternative To Making Grappling Pants Legal

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My buddy Kid Nate over at Bloodyelbow has been making his claim as to why grappling pants(like Shinya Aoki wears) should be made legal:

I still want grappling pants to be made legal.

While I think it's great that the UFC has swiftly gone through measures to take care of who has control of the vaseline when cornermen go into the ring.  I don't think Dana White and company will allow grappling pants to be worn into the cage.  However, I think there is one alternative that's being overlooked by those that wish to even the playing field so to speak.  The implementation of knee/ankle pads similar to what Tim Sylvia wore in his bout against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.  You can see those here:


Obviously, they won't protect your neck from a guillotine from hell.  However, they would provide ample 'grip' opposed to wearing nothing at all.  As you can see, only a small portion of his legs are exposed and I think the pads would be sufficient enough to negate an opponent that may be greased.  Also, the most important thing is the UFC allowed him to wear them into the cage so it can be done.