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Ultimate Fight Night 17 Predictions: The Undercard

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It's that time again, this is like the third weekend in a row with MMA action!  You gotta love it.  Normally, I just analyze and do predictions for the fights that are going to be on the main card.  However, I'm going to switch it up this time and give it a go with the fights on the undercard as well.  I(and possibly Charles) will be giving our predictions for the main card on tomorrow.  Most of you guys that comment do pretty well with your predictions.  This would be a GREAT time to head over to the fanpost section and let me see what you have in terms of full on analysis and predictions, instead of biting my style all the time.  Just kidding(not about the fanposts though) and let's get it in:

Kurt Pellegrino vs. Rob Emerson

Kurt PellegrinoRob Emerson

Pellegrino is the more well rounded fighter, whereas Emerson is primarily a kickboxer.  Pellegrino has solid stand up skills as well and a very solid chin.  I don't see Emerson being able to do much here.  Once this fight hits the ground Pellegrino should have his way.  I see Pellegrino pressuring Emerson, giving up his back and Pellegrino sinking in the RNC.

Dan Miller vs. Jake Rosholt

Dan MillerJake Rosholt

Miller is the more experienced of the two fighters, and Rosholt is making his UFC debut here.  Rosholt is a touted prospect but deftly needs to improve on his stand up and cardio.  Rosholt is a very good wrestler and may be able to take it to the ground, but that's were Miller excels.  Miller via Submission.

Gleison Tibau vs. Rich Clementi

Gleison TibauRich Clementi

This fight is interesting as both fighters are fighters are experienced veterans.  Clementi usually has problems with the larger lightweights, and Tibau is a big as they come.  Clementi will need to keep this on the feet, or at least have top position if it goes to the ground.  My prophetic prowess sees Clementi winning this via guillotine.

Steve Bruno vs. Matt Riddle

Steve BrunoMatt Riddle

Matt Riddle impressed me after coming off of TUF 7 as he dominated the much more experienced Dante Rivera.  Steve Bruno is 1-1 in the UFC winning his last match and losing via decision to Chris Wilson who is a very good fighter.  Riddle will have his work cut out for him, but is a very physical fighter.  Especially while fighting on the inside and/or the clinch.  I think his camp at ACS is on a roll and should be able to do enough to get the win.  I'm go with Riddle via decision.

Nick Catone vs. Derek Downey

Nick  Catone

Poor Nick Cantone.  This guys should have about 3 fights in the UFC by now after all the set backs he has suffered.  I don't know much about him or Downey.  It seems as if both like to finish fights though, so that's a GOOD thing.  I'm go with Catone via TKO.

Matt Grice vs. Matt Veach

Matt Grice

The battle of the matts.  I like Grice as that dude constantly looks to pressure his opponents.  Matt Leach comes from Matt Hughes's camp so you know to expect a tough guy with a wrestling base.  If Grice can stay off his back he should be able to take this one.  However, he's been out of the cage for a long time so I'm go with Leach via decision.