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Dana White: "I Wouldn't Have Been Shocked if BJ Won Both Titles And Retired"

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Yeah. I wouldn't have been shocked if B.J. had won both titles and then retired. That wouldn't have shocked me. But after the way that went down, I can't see him retiring.

Dana White speaking to Michael David Smith.  I find it pretty hard to believe that Dana White would allow BJ Penn the opportunity to fight for both titles with knowledge that Penn would retire if he won.  In fact, I don't think he had a clue that Penn was thinking about doing that.  That was one of the main problems I had with making that fight for the welterweight title.  It would have caused a major problem within the two divisions had Penn won at UFC 94.  Then if he had retired?  Problems I'll tell you, problems.  I do agree with that White that Penn will not walk away on such a sour note.

How selfish is BJ Penn for even thinking like this though?  I mean it's not like he's fought the best of the best at lightweight or cleaned out that division.  The same could be said for him as a welterweight.  Believe me when I tell you that this loss will affect him if he fights again.  Kenny Florian has a GOOD chance of upsetting BJ Penn.  You heard it here first, and in fact I've been saying it since November.