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WEC 39: Leonard vs. Brown Official Weigh-In Results

WEC 39: Weigh Ins

From WEC website:

Main Event – WEC Featherweight Title
Mike Brown (144.25) vs Leonard Garcia (145)

Ricardo Lamas (154.5) vs Bart Palaszewski (155.5)
Chris Mickle (145) vs Jose Aldo (145.5)
Rob McCullough (156) vs Marcus Hicks (155.5)

Phil Cardella (155.5) vs Danny Castillo (156)
Damacio Page (136) vs Marcos Galvao (136)
Alex Serdyukov (171) vs Johny Hendricks (171)
Rafael Rebello (135.25) vs Kenji Osawa (135.25)
Greg McIntyre (155) vs Alex Karalexis (156)
John Franchi (145) vs Mike Budnik (145.25)
Mike Pierce (170) vs Justin Haskins (170.25)

All the fighters made weight.  Be sure to join us here at MMA4Real for the open thread discussion for WEC 39 on Sunday night at 9pm.  It'll be a good time and we'll see who's on their way to becoming the WEC 39 Fantasy Champ!  Also, it's still not too late to sign in with your picks.

HT: Combatlifestyles For More Pics