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South Carolina To Lift Ban On MMA

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Well North Carolina MMA fighters you should have a few more options in terms of finding places to fight in MMA.  As you already knew, South Carolina had an outright ban on the sport of MMA.  However, earlier this month South Carolina's House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee passed a bill to eliminate the ban.  It hit the House Floor on Thursday with no debate, passing with a vote of 57-0.  The bill will now goto the Senate where it is expected to pass with no opposition.

South Carolina should become the 38th state to regulate MMA.  So in the words of Terrell Owens, 'get cha popcorn ready" because now you'll have options all up and down the eastern seaboard.  Not only is this great news for MMA fans in South Carolina, it's great news for MMA fans in general.  Basically, it's another state down with just a few more to go before MMA will be legal all over.