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Joe Lauzon Out 12-14 Months With Knee Surgery

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The injury bug strikes again.  Joe Lauzon talks about his injury via his newly launched website:

Well, it looks like I will be having ACL surgery next week. I have had a history of bad luck with my knees. I have already had two knee surgeries… meniscectomies on both knees. Those surgeries were relatively simple because they just go in arthoscopically and shave down the meniscus. There is no stitching and no repairing done.

Then the biggie:

Long story short… I will be off my feet for a month to a month and a half… training SUPER light in about 4 or 5 months… training decently hard in about 9 months and fighting in around 12-14 months. Its going to be a long rehab… but thats how it goes.

That sucks regardless, but especially after such a good performance in his last outing.  On the bright side, it looks as if he and Hermes Franca will be getting back in action around the same time.  It'll be a perfect time to settle their differences in the cage.  Franca will be coming off of rehab from surgery as well, as both had words for one another when Franca had to pull out of their fight a few weeks ago.  I hope both guys make a full and speedy recovery.