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Report: Randy Couture Agrees To Face Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira At UFC 101

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Props To MMAWeekly With The Story:

A long-rumored bout between former UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture and former UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira appears set to take place.

According to multiple sources from Couture’s camp, he has agreed to face Nogueira at the yet-unannounced UFC 101 sometime in August. The event may take place in Portland, Ore.

The UFC is now awaiting a response from Nogueira’s camp.

Please for the love of GOD let Nogueira be healthy by then. I have no doubts that he'll accept the fight if able to. This is the ideal match up for BOTH fighters in my opinion. The winner of this fight places himself right back in line for a title shot. Depending on who the winners are, we could be in for a set of re-matches or a fight that was unthinkable a year or so ago. Frank Mir vs. Randy Couture. It's also worth mentioning that this fight could possibly take place in Oregon, which just happens to be Couture's home state. UFC 91 was rumored to take place there, but was moved to Las Vegas.