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Marcus Davis: I'm More Technical Than Dan Hardy

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From The UG:

All I will say is I told Joe Silva to make this happen for June 13th in Germany — neutral ground for both of us. So it is in Joe Silva’s control. This whole ‘calling me out’ thing started at the Q&A in London when his manager sent up a guy to ask me if I would fight Dan and I said lets do it. I think he is a talented fighter but I also think I will pound his face into dust. Anyone who thinks he’s more technical then me — you are allowed to your opinion even though it is wrong. I fight each fight differently because YOU HAVE TO. This fight wont look like the others just as the others don’t look like the ones before them.”

Dan Hardy has repeatedly talked about fighting Marcus Davis.  Now Marcus Davis responds on the underground forums about fighting Dan Hardy.  It's funny that he said people are entitled to their opinions, but then says their opinions are wrong.  LOL.  I want to see this fight something serious.  Dan Hardy admits to spending a lot of time on the internet, so I'm sure he'll come across this and respond in some manner.  Who takes this, Davis or Hardy?