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Junior dos Santos: Is The UFC Heavyweight For Real?

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Junior dos Santos has burst onto the UFC scene with two devasting knockouts.  One over top ten heavyweight Fabricio Werdum, and the second over young prospect Stefan Struve this past weekend at UFC 95.  Santos has fought a combined 2 minutes and 15 seconds in both of those fights.  I can't help but have flashbacks to the hype of Rameau Sokoudjou when he burst on the scene in PRIDE.  However, we all know how that's turned out in that these quick KO's have not afforded fans the opportunity to truely see what dos Santos brings to the table.  There's still quite a few questions that haven't been answered yet like:

  1. Will he break mentally if put in a bad position?
  2. What if he gets taken down and winds up on his back?
  3. Does he have the cardio to go 3 full rounds?

I LOVE the aggressiveness he brings to the table, and I want to see him back in action as soon as possible since he won so quickly.  I'd love to see him against Cain Velasquez or someone else with a good wrestling base.  So I ask you, do you think Junior dos Santos is for real, or will he become the next Sokoudjou?  Build with me.