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Where Does Josh Koscheck Go From Here?

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Josh Koscheck suffered his first KO loss of his career this past weekend at UFC 95.  Koscheck was the heavy favorite against unknown Brazilian Paulo Thiago.  While many question the stoppage of the fight, I have no problem with it.  Sure we can all play armchair quarterbacks after the fact.  The fact of the matter is there was NO ONE closer to the action than the referee.  I suggest that Koscheck keep his hands up next time and he will not be in this situation.

Where does Josh Koscheck go from here?

I've read some fans make the idiotic statement that Kosheck is no longer a top ten welterweight fighter with the loss.  That couldn't be more laughable.  In fact, Koscheck has gone the distance with the consensus #1 and #2 welterweights in the world in competitive bouts.  Being that Koscheck was pretty much having his way with Thiago prior to being put down, I don't think the loss hurts him that much.  There's a couple of intriguing fights out there for him, but it just depends on how the UFC wants to use him now.  Below are two fighters that Koscheck could potentially fight in which a win would bring his stock back up:

  • Carlos Condit-Sure Condit has a fight coming up against Martin Kampmann at UFN 18, but Condit is a top ten welterweight by most including MMA4Real.  If Condit gets past Kampmann, this is an intriguing fight that could fast track Condit to a title shot or put Koscheck back in the win column against a credible opponent.
  • Mike Swick-I know they are from the same camp, but it's time for these AKA guys to start fighting one another.  They do it everyday in practice for FREE, why not get paid to do it?  Mike Swick made the move down to welterweight knowing that Koscheck and Fitch were already there.  Swick's a credible opponent, and serves the same purpose as Condit in terms of helping Koscheck or helping themselves get into title contention.

I have no idea who the UFC would like for Koscheck to face next, as I'm just thinking aloud here really.  However, as I mentioned earlier I don't think this loss hurts him that much.  Where do you think Koscheck goes from here?