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Frank Shamrock: "I'm Running Out Of Guys To Fight In MMA"

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In an interview with Fighthype, Shamrock spoke on a variety of things.  However, the just of the conversation was about Frank Shamrock's dream to box professionally.  In fact, he wants to fight Antonio Tarver:

It's been a dream since I was a little boy, and becoming a boxing champion is what got me into Mixed Martial Arts.  I've always wanted to try it.  I'm running out of guys to fight in MMA, so watch out boxers.  I've already talked with Showtime about it and we're looking for opponents right now.  I always thought Antonio Tarver had amazing game, and was beautiful in the ring.  Years ago, when I used to watch him, I knew he would kick the crap out of me because I didn't have the skills back then, but now, I think I have the skills to stand up with him.

So let me get this straight.  Shamrock is running out of guys to fight in MMA?  It's clear that Shamrock is looking for fighters with two attributes nowadays.  A fighter he can beat, and a fighter that does a good job of promoting the fight between the two.  So with that said, I suppose he IS running out of guys to fight in MMA.  I think it's pretty sad that he actually thinks he can box with Antonio Tarver.  Tarver's best days are well behind him, but he would enjoy a sizeable reach advantage.  To make matters worse, Shamrock couldn't even overwhelm Cung Le with his hands.  What in the world makes him think he can box professionally with a former world champion?