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Report: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping At UFC 100

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Dana White made the announcement on Setanta Sports:

Asked if GSP v Thiago Alves will be on the UFC 100 card, White responded: “It will.

“We sat down after the BJ Penn vs GSP fight and put together a huge card for UFC 100 – the fans won’t be disappointed.

“There won’t be five belts on the line, but there’s gonna be three major fights on that card – one of which the UFC fans here in England will be very interested in.

“Michael Bisping will be on the card. You heard it here first – I haven’t said anything about this to anybody. Bisping v Henderson will be one of the fights at UFC 100.

“This will be the fight that answers all questions about Michael Bisping. Is he a top five fighter? If he beats Henderson, he’s not only top five, he gets a shot at Anderson Silva’s title – probably in the UK.”

So it looks like we know two of the three 'big fights' for UFC 100 :

  • Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves
  • Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

UFC 100 is shaping up nicely thus far.  What do you think the third big fight will be?

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