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UFC 95 Discussion And Open Thread NO SPOILERS

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I'll be here for the Spike TV portion of UFC 95, and hopefully you'll join me as we get to witness some FREE MMA.  Since this event will be airing via tape delay, I'd just like to mention that NO SPOILERS should be posted in the comments section OR ANYWHERE ON THIS SITE.  I would love for all the MMA fans and MMA4Real readers to come hang out with us here.  It's a great time to get to know one another while discussing the fights! 

I also want to take the time to remind you guys of the "Buzz Up" icon.  At the bottom of this post(or top right corner) you'll see a icon that says "Buzz Up". Activating that icon will help spread the word about about this particular post, and will be key in helping MMA4Real reach the masses.  So if you could kindly help us out by hitting that icon we'd really appreciate it.  That same icon can be used for any post that you read here on MMA4Real.  If you read a post and think it's worthy, by all means help spread the word about it.

So with that said join me here at 9pm EST on Saturday night, and I look forward to sharing thoughts with you all about the fights.