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MMA Needs More Consistency In Some Areas

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Michael Rome has more detailed information about the vaseline controversy that took place at UFC 94.  I hadn't commented on it yet, basically because I didn't want to do so before all the facts came about.  I for one do not think it was intentional, nor do I think it had any influence on the outcome of the fight.  Frankly, because GSP was dominating every aspect of the fight, and Penn has never subbed anyone from his back in MMA.  However, with that said I think Rome touches on something I had been thinking about all day.  That being some of the rules of MMA being very vague and not being enforced consistently enough.

I can't recall who it was at UFC 94, but I recall one referee repeatedly telling a fighter to stop grabbing the cage without giving a warning or deducting a point.  Whereas, another referee may give one warning and then deduct a point if it happens again.  Another issue is blows to the back of the head.  I still believe the elbow that Jon Jones dropped Stephan Bonnar with was to the back of the head.  But, what exactly is considered the back of the head? 

This last rant isn't really related to the rules per se, but to the judging.  This will probably always be my biggest gripe as long as the current system is in place.  But to see Clay Guida be able to win a fight where he did absolutely NO damage to his opponent erks the hell out of me.  This isn't sub grappling or BJJ.  This is a mixed martial arts FIGHT.  But to have a system so flawed that a judge could give all three rounds to Rich Franklin in his bout against Dan Henderson?  There's something terribly wrong there.