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UFC 95 Predictions

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Joe Stevenson vs. Diego Sanchez

Joe StevensonDiego Sanchez

Charles Walker - I think the weight cut is what most people are wondering about in this fight.  If there is little effect to Diego's cardio with the cut, then I see no way Stevenson can beat him.  I think Diego's better on the feet and as good or a better grappler, at times Diego can rush in for a shoot and leave his head out but his frenzied pace usually keeps him safe from potential submissions.  I have a feeling Diego can deal with the cut and will punch, kick, and grapple his way to a decision victory.

Kelvin Hunt-I've heard that the weight cut has been pretty tough for Diego.  However, I don't expect it to be too much of a factor in this fight.  Diego will be the bigger, stronger, and better scrambler in this fight.  This fight will go to the ground and I don't think Stevenson will be able to control Diego.  Diego via GnP in Round 2.

Dan Hardy vs. Rory Marham

Dan HardyRory Markham

Charles Walker - This one's going to be good!  Real good!  I'm not sure who to go with but all I know is that it'll be an all out war.  Hardy looked great against Gono and Markham looked equally as good against Brodie Farber.  However, I think Markham's toughness might be a bit too much for Hardy and I think Markham will be able to absorb the abuse and come out on top with a decision.

Kelvin Hunt-I think this fight is the early candidate for FOTN.  If Markham can turn this into a brawl he has a shot at winning.  However, Hardy has been on a role and hasn't lost a fight in a LONG time.  All of Markham's losses have been via TKO, so I'm going with Hardy via momentum(TKO). 

Nate Marquardt vs. Wilson Gouveia

Nate MarquardtWilson Gouveia

Charles Walker - Good middleweight bout which will have some big implications on a future contender.  As we know Gouveia has issues with his cardio and Marquardt is usually relentless in his attack (as we saw when he fought Kampmann) and with that image in my head, I think that Marquardt's big enough and tough enough to beat up on Wilson, who'll be his equal in round 1 but faulter as the fight goes on and I'll go out on a limb and say Nate the Great finishes this one via TKO in round 2.

Kelvin Hunt-I can't wait for this one.  Marquardt is huge and the only area he will not have the advantage in is punching power.  He'll be able to take Gouveia down at will, and while a BJJ blackbelt I don't see Gouveia subbing Marquardt from that position.  I think Marquardt wants another shot at Anderson Silva badly, and comes out with something to prove.  He'll finish Gouveia in Round 2 after Gouveia begins to gas.(TKO)

Demian Maia vs. Chael Sonnen

Demian MaiaChael Sonnen

Charles Walker - The UFC seems to be building up Maia but might want to throw Sonnen in their with the big names to see where he's at.  As good and tough as Sonnen is, he gets wreckless in almost all of his fight and I think he'll do the same here.  He'll do well at the beginning but will make one fatal mistake and take an L.  Maia via submission in round 2.

Kelvin Hunt-Maia via Submission in Rd. 3 because Sonnen will probably dance around for 2 rounds scared to engage.

Josh Koscheck vs. Paulo Thiago

 Josh KoscheckPaulo Thiago

Charles Walker - I'll be honest, I know NOTHING about Paulo Thiago, except he has a cool name.  Other than that, this seems like a warmup bout for Kos to get to showcase his ever improving skills.  The brutal KO of Yoshida is still being talked about today and I think he could land some heavy leather and eventually get it to the ground where he'll beat up on the debuting fighter.  TKO round 1 victory for Josh.

Kelvin Hunt-Koscheck by destruction.  This guy is on a mission and he's going to make a statement.  Koscheck Rd. 1 TKO

The Undercard

Paul Kelly vs. Troy Mandaloniz

Paul KellyTroy Mandaloniz

 Kelvin Hunt-Paul Kelly is a warrior with an incredible chin.  He also packs a punch, and I think he'll be too much for "Rude Boy".  Kelly via TKO in Rd. 1

Charles Walker - I"m taking Kelly in this one.  Mandoloniz isn't bad, he's just not good enough to beat Kelly.  Kelly via TKO in Rd. 2

Per Ecklund vs. Evan Dunham

Per Eklund

Kelvin Hunt-This should be a good fight.  Both fighters are finishers with Ecklund being the more experienced fighter.  Dunham is undefeated and finished all of his opponents except one.  I'm go with Ecklund via Submission.

Charles Walker - No idea who Dunham is, so I'll go Ecklund....via....TKO in round 1

Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Neil Grove

Kelvin Hunt-Ciesnolevicz is a Miletich fighter finally making his UFC debut, whereas Grove has fought primarily in Cage Rage.  I'll go with Miletech via Decision.

Charles Walker- I've seen Grove fight on a Cage Rage on Showtime and he's not great but he's a decent heavyweight.  This one will probably go to decision as both are tough, but I'll be the odd man and choose Grove via decision

Junior dos Santos vs. Stefan Struve

Kelvin Hunt-Well, we get to see if dos Santos is the HW version of Houston Alexander or not.  Struve is being touted as a good prospect and finishes almost all of his opponents.  I'm go with Struve in the mild upset.  Via Submission.

Charles Walker - I'm gonna take dos Santos by TKO in round 1.

Terry Etim vs. Brian Cobb

Kelvin Hunt-Cobb is making his UFC debut, whereas Etim is 2-2 inside the UFC.  Etim hasn't fought since October and Cobb has been the more active fighter and is quite a roll.  I'm go with Cobb via Submission.

Charles Walker -  Cobb via submission round 2