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Rumor: Mirko Cro Cop Fighting At UFC 99?

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According to this interview:

At the beginning of May, he plans to start full training and , he said, remains a full five weeks to prepare for the extravaganza of the UFC and that will be held on the 13th of june.

Mirko Cro Cop via video reportedly confirms that he'll be fighting on the UFC 99 card that will be held in Germany.  He also mentions Randy Couture as a possible opponent.  This video isn't in English but has been roughly translated via the link, so I don't want to say it's 100% confirmed.  However, dreamfighters have usually been reliable in the past. 

We were just discussing this the other day.  What are your thoughts on Cro Cop/Couture if it comes to fruition, or would you rather see Couture/Nogueira?

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 02/18/09 3:49 PM EST ]I edited the original post because although Cro Cop mentions Couture as a potential opponent, the word is Couture will not be healed from the surgery on his elbow in time to fight.