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MMA4Real Is Now On Twitter!

Twitter_mediumMMA For Real

I just wanted to take the time to let you guys know that MMA4Real is now officially twittering!  Yea, I know I'm way behind the times on this stuff :(.  Anyways, the majority of the travel I have to do with my job is almost done so you can expect me to start contributing more and more here at MMA4Real.  We have some really great things coming up on the horizon.  I invite you to follow MMA4Real via Twitter.  That way if you don't visit the site everyday, you can look to see if something interests you via Twitter and check us out. 

Also, while I'm doing all the inviting I want to also remind you guys that MMA4Real is also on myspace.  I do a lot of networking on myspace with local/regional fighters etc.  So if you are a fighter/promoter please add MMA4Real on as a friend.  If you are a fan of the blog, I also encourage you to add me as a friend as well.  Anything we can do to get the word out about the great things happening at this blog/community is a must.  Thanks!