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Mixed Martial Arts Is Making High School Wrestlers Soft?

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I know right?  I couldn't believe what I was reading either, but apparently some high school coaches believe this to be true according to The Grand Rapids Press:

The popularity of MMA and UFC means participation in high school wrestling is up, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But that's not necessarily a positive thing. Tap-outs also are on the rise, meaning overall toughness is taking a beating.

In wrestling, a tap-out is a request for an injury timeout, after which the match is restarted. In pro fighting, a competitor who has been pinned into submission and is in pain "taps out," ending the match.

Confusion, apparently, now is running rampant because high school wrestlers are trying to tap their way out of tough spots. (Rather than embracing the pain as a character-building experience hat will enrich their lives.)

"You give up," one coach said

At another meet, a coach asked a referee to declare a forfeit after one of his wrestlers tapped out.

Say what?  Truth be told I didn't wrestle in high school as our high school didn't offer it as a sport.  However, wouldn't there be a limit on how many times a guy could 'tap out' in amateur wrestling?  Educate me and give your thoughts on this.