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*Exclusive Tim Stout Interview: It'll Be A Barn Burner

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MMA veteran Tim Stout will be in action this coming Saturday night in Kennesaw, GA.  He'll be taking on American Fight League welterweight champion Brent Weedman, in a fight that's been in the works for well over a year.  MMA4Real was able to catch up with Tim before one of the biggest fights in the southeast region.  He gives us his thoughts on Weedman as a fighter, being the main event, and you should come see this Bullet FightGear "Last Man Standing" MMA event.  Let's get right to it:

Kelvin Hunt-Tim, this fight has been in the works for well over a year. How did it feel to finally get the contracts signed and your training camp underway?

Tim Stout-I was excited because Brent is a great fighter and will be a good test for me.

Kelvin Hunt-This is a pretty big fight for southeastern MMA fans. Even the UG is pumped for this fight. Why should southeastern MMA fans come out to see not just this fight, but this card?

Tim Stout-It's a great card has a lot of talent from the Atlanta area, and mine and Brents fight will be a barn burner.

Kelvin Hunt-Who have you been working with in your training camp to get ready for this fight?

Tim Stout-BJJ with Roberto Traven,striking with Mateo Cutbil ,and wrestling with Jeff Bedard and al ot of good training partners.

Kelvin Hunt-That's a nice squad right there.  You are currently 3-1 in your last four fights. I know you are not looking past Brent, but what's next for you if you get the win here?

Tim Stout-I'll answer that question after the fight but I'm up for whatever

Kelvin Hunt-Haha, a man of few words.  Is there any added pressure for you being involved in a fight that's taken so long to come to fruition, while being the main event? If so, how do you deal with it?

Tim Stout-No more added pressure than normal.  I'm used to being the main event.  I just hope to fight to the best of my abilities that night.

Kelvin Hunt-Ok, without giving away too much of your gameplan. How are you going to approach the fight, and what do you think of Brent Weedman as a fighter in general.

Tim Stout-Brent is a friend of mine and a great person and as a fighter he is verey well rounded and dangerous in all aspects ,but I'm going to fight this fight like I do all of them.  Just bang it out.

Kelvin Hunt-All of your wins have been either via TKO or submission. What are your chances of keeping that streak intact?

Tim Stout-Could be a good chance, but he is a great fighter so it may take all 3 rounds to decide who the winner will be

Kelvin Hunt-Any parting thoughts or words of wisdom?

Tim Stout-Don't miss it!!

Tim we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us.  We wish you the best of luck this weekend, and hope to have you back on soon.