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Dana White Speaks On Strikeforce Deal

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From USA Today:

"I'm sure they're going to put on some good shows, and hopefully, they can make that business model work for them," White says. "I've got nothing negative to say about them whatsoever."

I've heard from a source that Dana White knew that Strikeforce was going to acquire assets from ProElite(how could he not know).  It's clear from Dana's statement and Scott Coker's interview on Inside MMA that they are on good terms as of right now.  I think Coker is smart enough not to send an outright challenge to Dana White and the UFC.  There is nothing wrong with being the Pepsi of MMA.  However, the ego of Gary Shaw, Calvin Ayres, and others were not satisfied with that and we see where that got them.  I wonder how things will be a year from now.