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Fedor Meeting With Dana White About Fighting Brock Lesnar?

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That's the scoop according to this interview with Fedor: Will you be fighting on the next affliction Card? Is there been any talks of you fighting Brock Lesnar?

Fedor Emelianenko: Yes, I will fight again on the next affliction card. Besides this me and my management hope to get a chance to talk to Dana White in person in June to discuss a possible fight between me and Brock.

There are A LOT of Dana White haters out there, but if this is true you can't say the man hasn't done everything in his power to get Fedor in the octagon.  This is of course assuming that Brock Lesnar gets past Frank Mir at UFC 98.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't ever see Fedor fighting in the UFC because of the complexity of the situation.  Fedor doesn't want an exclusive contract, whereas that's all the UFC offers.  Dana White isn't going to do a 'one fight deal' with Fedor either.  I guess we'll just have to stay tuned to see what happens.