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**MMA4Real Reminder About Fanposts And Fanshots

I just wanted to take a second to remind the wonderful readers of this site that you can do a lot more than just comment on what's written here at MMA4Real.  You can write YOUR own stuff, and provide your own scoops right here on this blog.  A few of you have used the fanpost section a couple of times, and I encourage you to use them even more.  In fact, one reader had a post promoted to the front page of this blog because the fanpost was on time information, had a source, and needed very little editing.  That's basically all that's required, unless we've already covered the topic or something.  I began my writing about MMA right over there in the fanpost section, and believe you me.  I read everything posted on this entire site no matter who posts it, so your work will not go unnoticed.

I also encourage you to use the fanshots section.  That's where you can post up videos and just short 'quotes of the day' and things of that nature.  When using the fanpost/fanshot sections don't forget to apply tags to your posts.  Tags are basically the subjects being discussed in the post. 

As I've said before, this blog is nothing without you guys stopping by and I'm thankful for the ones that have done so thus far.  However, I want this blog to continue to grow and that can only happen with help from you guys contributing to the community aspect of it.  So please take advantage of the technology we have, and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts as we discuss the greatest sport in the world.  Let me also point out that if you read a post OR comment on this blog, you can recommend it by hiting the REC tab located right above the comment section.  If a comment gets recommended it will be shaded in green.  If a post gets 3 recommendations it will get moved to the top of the fanpost section and more than likely be promoted to the front page.  I know some of you have some skills, so let's see what you are working with!