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Frank Trigg: This Is My Last Fight At 185

Frank Trigg dropped this little nugget after his decision win against Danny Babcock at the Xtreme Cagefighting Federation "Rumble At Racetown" event last night:

This is my last fight at 185, I can’t support the weight. I’ve got to go back to welterweight. That’s the best weight for me and my size.

It's interesting that Frank Trigg wants to make the move back down to the welterweight division.  He's done pretty well since making the move to the middleweight division, winning his last three fights albeit against middle of the road competition.  Trigg is creeping up on the ripe age of 37 in a couple of months.  One wonders how he'll deal with cutting down to 170 again, and who he'll be taking on in the future in that weight class.  Thoughts?