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UPDATED: Can Dana White Save UFC 97?

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FightOpinion is reporting that Dana White will be traveling to Canada to meet with the people(RACJ) who reside over the Quebec Boxing Commission.

According to a new post at Corus Sports, there will reportedly be a meeting next week between the RACJ (which oversees the Quebec Boxing Commission) and UFC President Dana White in regards to what rules UFC would have to abide under for the April 19th event in Montreal at the Bell Centre. The report claims that this meeting will either make or break the event from taking place.

Both Jason MacDonald and Joe Ferraro are hopeful that cooler heads will prevail.

If anyone is capable of making this event taking place as scheduled it's Dana White. However, according to the latest reports these guys in Canada are not budging from their stance of not using the unified rules for MMA. It'll be interesting to see what type of dialogue and information Dana will present to these guys in regards to helping them see the error of their ways. I'm sure he'll use stats from the UFC 83(the first UFC show held in Canada), as well as the monetary impact the show would have on the region. I'm also pretty sure he will use the safety record that the UFC proudly boasts, since it is the actual rules that the commisison wants to hinder. What are your thoughts on this? Can Dana White save UFC 97 with it taking place in Canada, or will they have to relocate the event to Las Vegas? I've included a poll, be sure to hit it up.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 02/18/09 12:39 PM EST ]It appears that UFC 97 will go on as planned in Canada according to this report. However, Dana White didn't make the trip to meet with the guys over the Canadian commission. Lorenzo Fertita and Marc Ratner made the trip instead, with Dana White not being able to attend due to being in Mexico on other UFC related business:

I'll summarize for those who don't know French:

- Lorenzo Fertita & Marc Ratner met with Richard Renault (RACJ head of combat sports) and Denis Racicot (RACJ president) Tuesday evening before flying to Europe later that night.

- The event will take place as scheduled under the usual UFC rules except for foot stomps being disallowed.

- RACJ will hold a press conference (no details specified) explaining the decision.

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