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I'll Give Ken Shamrock One More Fight

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I spoke on Ken Shamrock yesterday in response to him talking smack about his adoptive brother Frank.  I also mentioned that Ken Shamrock had a fight the same night(last night), and prayed that he get the win so he could retire.  Well, there is a GOD because Ken Shamrock won his first fight in almost 5 years!  He armbarred some nobody within the first minute of the fight after dropping him with a big right hand.  At this point, I'm like ok please announce your retirement and go out with a win.

Shamrock proceeds to do just the opposite and calls out Tank Abbott, who had won via KO earlier in the night.  This is a fight that should have happened a LONG time ago.  Frankly, this is the ONLY fight in which I would halfway look forward to in regards to both fighters.  So I'll give Shamrock one more fight as long as it's Tank Abbott he's fighting.  That's a fight with some history between two guys that are in the same weight class, unlike Ken trying to fight a middleweight in Frank.

I'm giving Ken Shamrock one more fight.  Would you like to see him fight Tank, or just go out with the win right now?  Build with me.